Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What Can We Do?

I'm sure that like many others the tragic news of Christchurch's (New Zealand) earthquake has been a shock as the film of the rescues and devastation unfolds. I was busy with my paid work yesterday (I'm an after-hours hospital manager) and as busy as we were I was thinking of the medical staff in Christchurch and their monumental task with dealing with all the people needing treatment.
It would have been easy to get caught up with watching the events on TV today but I decided to spend the day quilting as it's something positive I can do from here. I did have very good news yesterday when I heard that I have transport for the quilts to go to Emerald (Qld) at the weekend. Margaret at the Relief Centre is very excited about the donation of quilts and she assures me that it gets cold at night there and the quilts will be very welcome.
I managed to bind these two quilts yesterday before work and today I quilted 7 donated tops- 3 of them are large and I can see a pile of quilts on the table ready for binding so I'd better get them done so they can go to Qld in few days time.
Thank you for all your generous donations and offers of help for the Quilt Appeal. At the moment I'm also working on how I can get finished quilts to New Zealand which I hope will repay, in a small way, the very generous support from our NZ friends.
So what can we do with these tragic events occurring far too often? We can quilt! I do it because I love to make something pretty and useful which will bring comfort to others. I always feel lucky to be able to donate the quilts on your behalf because let's face it it's not easy living in a Quilt Factory and I need to make room for the next lot of quilts I'm finishing.
So if you have scraps of fabric and batting and want to spend your time making something useful then turn off the TV and get busy because the need will be ongoing. We may not be able to help everyone but the people who receive our quilts will be comforted and that's what matters.
Thanks to all of you who have joined in with the quilt appeal and please spread the word and get your quilting friends involved too.
Time to bind! Hugs Jan Mac


  1. Hi Jan - I am co-ordinating "Quilts For Christchurch" on my blog - and I do believe my good friend Ana Maria in Portugal has also contacted you today.
    I am humbled to read you are wanting to send quilts to NZ - bless you and thank you - this morning 32 quilts were picked up from my home to begin their journey to Christchurch.
    Thank you xxx

  2. Hi Catherine,It's the least I can do after all the support from NZ for our quilt appeal. I hope to be able to send a lot over with a couple of NZ ladies who will be coming to a retreat at the end of March. Let me know if you need any more help and good luck with the quilt-making. Hugs Jan Mac

  3. My heart goes out to all of those affected by the earthquake in Christchurch as well as to those in Australia who have borne the burden of so many natural disasters and their devastating effects.Blessings to you and to everything you do for so many others.

  4. I've noted Catherine's blog and her comment above and today will find out the cost of posting blocks to NZ and will blog about it. k.

  5. I'm also trying to work with people in NZ and Australia to see if I can find a way to get quilts to NZ at little or no cost . . .
    I am 20 min from Auckland airport so can collect and have the ability to get the quilts to Christchurch via Mainly Music who will distribute. They have 46 branches in Christchurch.