Monday, February 25, 2013

Just Do It

 It's been unbelievably hot here with temperatures of 41 degrees C. and sewing has not been easy but I decided to just get it done. So I sat in front of the floor fan as well as having the air conditioning on and sweated through making two quilts yesterday using QAYG blocks. I also completed the blanket I was crocheting but I did wait until it cooled down a bit before I crocheted all the blocks together.
  More QAYG blocks have arrived from around Australia, while we were away, so I plan to get busy making more quilts this week. Many thanks for all your lovely donations to help others.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Three Finishes

 I finished these a few weeks ago but didn't get time to show them on the blog. I have also been busy making more QAYG blocks and the pile is starting to grow nicely so I plan to get more quilts finished soon. The need for donations of blankets and quilts for the needy is ongoing apart from the parts of the country affected by bush fires and floods so I know these quilts will be appreciated by the recipients.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Two Beautiful Donations

 I received these beautiful finished quilts last week and I'm so sorry that I am late in posting the photos. These quilts came from Margie Wallin in Toormina (NSW) are just so lovely and the butterfly quilt is all hand embroidered. They have been beautifully quilted  by Anne Macgee from Country Quilting, who donated the quilting and batting for free.and they will be such special gifts for their recipients.
  Thank you so much for the lovely donation from both of you.
Hugs, Jan Mac