Friday, August 31, 2012

A Timely Purchase

 If you read my other blog you would know that I bought a second hand industrial sewing machine yesterday and I'm surprised at how much easier it is to finish off the QAYG blocks. I made these two quilts yesterday afternoon and finished them today and didn't have the usual strain of pushing them through my sewing machine. The new motor is so powerful that it just stitches through the thick batting without a problem. I took some QAYG blocks with me so i could try out the machines and the seller recommended this machine as it is strong enough to cope with the thicknesses. I have a pile of blocks to work through here and will get them done ASAP now that I have a machine which can handle them. I've "killed" two domestic sewing machines with the donation quilting and I was reluctant to use my newest machine in case I wore out another machine.
  I will have more photos to show as soon as I finish my next stint of night shifts.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Quilts Delivered

 I sent off another box of 10 quilts today as well as knitted beanies, tote bags and crocheted blankets. These 3 quilts were all donated as tops so it was fairly quick to get them finished. I've made enough quilts for the kids' camp now and will spend some time finishing off some of my UFOs. Most of them will also be donated but it will give me some more room on the shelves as well as allowing me to start some new projects.
 Hugs, Jan Mac

Friday, August 17, 2012

A Five Quilt Week

 It was a good quilting week and I finished 5 by staying up quilting until 11pm one night. I needed 5 more kid's quilts for the camp and now I just have one to finish so then I can make some more to be donated as Xmas gifts for the needy.
 I only manage to get so many quilted because of the generous help from other quilters who have made tops and/or blocks. I plan to work on one of my UFOs this weekend as well as crocheting more squares for blankets for the needy. It's cold and wet so it's a good time to stay inside by the wood fire.
 Stay warm everyone.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Monday, August 13, 2012

Just Two

 I've only had time to quilt two more donated tops before I spent a week in Melbourne but now I'm home again I plan to get some more finished. The first quilt will be a lovely gift to a girl who will attend the camp for abused and neglected children. I've been asked to provide quilts for this group again this year and I need to get busy to make sure I have sent them enough for the children who will attend the camp. The second quilt will make a lovely lap quilt and I have several more to quilt as well before these are donated.
 Many thanks for all the donations which are bringing hope and comfort.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Just Time For Two

 I finished the bindings on just 2 more quilts before I sent off another 17 to be delivered to a group which helps the needy. I still have more tops to quilt and I need to make sure that I have delivered another 35 quilts for children who will be attending a special camp for abused kids. I plan on getting enough finished to make that total and then keep going with more quilts for the needy. I also sent off another crocheted blanket as well as some hats, and bags and now I'm working on the set of baby clothes for a family friend as well as baby quilts for my nieces who have recently had babies.
Life is always busy but good.
Hugs, Jan Mac