Thursday, July 30, 2009

More Thanks for Donations

I've been very lucky to receive more support and help for the bush fire quilt appeal and I'm currently getting more quilts ready as I have had more requests for them.
Quilts have arrived from Enid Moloney and the Bega quilters (NSW), Karla Charles (Vic), Margo Barber (Tas), Tia Curtis and the Alice Springs quilters (NT) and Pam Selley (WA).
I've also recived QAYG blocks from Barbara Franklin (NSW), Bev Hillier (Vic), Mary Bargery (NSW), and Stephanie Driel (WA). Fabric has been donated by Margaret Attrill (NSW), Sandra Nichol (Qld), Margo Barber (Tas) and Melody Tallon and her craft group (NSW) also sent fabric and batting.
A very generous group of New Zealand quilters have donated money and J Hunter (Qld) sent warm clothes. Jeanette House (Vic), Bev Phillips (NSW), C Smith (NSW) and Bev Scholz (NSW) all sent knitted beanies or scarves and a 92 year old lady (Elizabeth Reid) sent beautiful knitted teddy bears via Betty Rood (NZ). Jessica Wooderson and her Fibres and Fabric Group (Qld) sent another box of beautiful hats and scarves and they have all been given out in Kinglake.
The people have all really appreciated all the support they have received from around the world and I also thank you all for your help in reaching so many people with your donations of quilts and warm hats etc.
Hugs and thanks, Jan Mac

Quilts from Alice Springs Quilters 5

It's been a busy time at my paid work as the flu season persists and I've worked extra shifts to help out. I also delivered 220 quilts a week ago as well as all the knitted garments, and sewing kits. I also posted off another 14 quilts as well as more knitted beanies so be assured they are getting to the right people who need them. It has been a slow process for the people to get the money that was promised and many are still in a state of shock and uncertainty. They were very appreciative of the knitted garments as well as the weather continues to be cold around the Kinglake area.
Just after I gave away almost all the quilts I'd gathered, I received calls for more quilts so I'm busy getting more finished from the donations of QAYG blocks.
Many thanks for all your help and interest.
Hugs Jan Mac