Sunday, February 22, 2009

End of week 2

The first 4 quilts were donated by Annabel Samuel in Perth. The simple squares with butterfly blocks and the QAYG quilt I put together. The last quilt was a donated set of blocks using kid's fabrics.

Mary-anne from Bendigo shared her story about handing out quilts:
Here's a few snapshots of my day

9.00 Seven quilts arrived at school from Mildura, dropped off by the sister
of a Mildura quilter

9.30 A local lady came in to school to drop something off, talked about the
fires and mentioned her cousin had lost her house and now the kids had
nothing. She left with four quilts under her arm - two little boys will
have quilts on their beds tonight

10.30 one of the integration aides called into my office and left with a
large flannel quilt (quilted by Wendy Watkins on Monday) under her arm - it
just needs the binding sewn down and then it is going to a 15 year old boy
(whose grandmother, coincidently, used to teach at our school)

1.00 one of our mums called in to tell me that the 83 year old lady who
received a quilt (the one donated by Bronwen from S.A.) cried when she
received it and said that all of her life she'd wanted a patchwork quilt

1.15 our school social worker called past to ask if she could heave a quilt
for her niece who lost her home

2.00 another mum called in and collected a quilt for her friend who lost
everything in the fires

3.00 the minister appointed by the Uniting Church to oversee bushfire
recovery rang to make an appointment to see how best to get the quilts to
those who need them

So, all in all a very successful day

I urgently need more quilt - larger rather than smaller as many couples
would prefer just one large one for their bed.
As I type this the local news is on and they are saying 48 families have
lost their homes in our area.

Thank you to everyone who is helping - can I suggest that quilters mark the
National Day of Mourning this Sunday by getting together with some friends
and making a quilt for the victims


Keep the quilts, blocks, tops and QAYG blocks coming as we are making a difference.

Hugs Jan Mac


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Quilters in NSW

A lovely update from one of our supporters.
Dear Jan,
Thought you might like to see our girls hard at work today at Patchwork Addiction in Windsor, NSW. They made 48 large QAYG blocks, joined them in rows and made sashings and bindings ready for me to work on tomorrow. Another lady has almost finished another QAYG made from blocks given to us by one of our teachers and I sewed down the binding of another while teaching my Sunday class.

There will be quilts on the way to you and also to Mary-Anne at the end of the week.


Bev Phillips

Quilts to Christina

Many thanks to the following people who have donated quilts in the past few days, Barbara Milford, Margaret Fulton ( lol not the cook) Wendy Evans, Kerry Morpeth ,Keryn Evans and her friend sorry the quilt went too quick for me to get a name. But I got her email address and have written to her... Also Keryn's quilt went last night and hubby didn't get a photo of it but I will try to get one....Also arrived today Some lovely brand new sewing items from Margaret Attrill and some wadding and fabric from Lindi Jarman Thanks so much.... Have another quilt but not photographed yet..... Also a huge thanks to Annie Schulling who sent me two huge bags of fabric, my son collected them in Melbourne from her friend and brought them here today...Her friend Colleen Miller also donated $500 which I have quickly put to good use and bought a roll of wadding and the rest will be put toward fabric mostly backing fabric...A big thanks to My Little Patch in Wangaratta a shop they donated some backing fabric.... So thanks so much I have seven families here who I have to find quilts for have lots of single bed but could use some QS. Fran Williams told me to be patient and they will come so I am trying, but the families here could use the QS ones now as our nights are getting coolish. ...To Bettinne the card arrived first she sent me sewing items and forgot the card so sent the card separate and she wondered which would arrive first. So the card did...Thanks so much you people are amazing .Here is Carolyn M. (one with the glasses) receiving a beautiful quilt donated by Keryn Emmerson's friend the only name I have is Meredith sorry went so quickly I didn't get the details... Carolyn was so grateful and it made me almost cry to see the way she hugged it. I know this quilt will be well loved. I was able to give Carolyn's two daughters quilts last week and she says they went straight onto their beds.....
Judeen Ariy also donated quilts.

End of week 2

It's been a good week but a bit busy with paid work as well as keeping up with the blogs and quilting. I received 13 finished quilts as some lovely tops and blocks I need to finish. I also received more QAYG blocks and managed to put a quilt together from QAYG blocks I made in the last 2 days. This one is for a teenaged boy with no pinks or florals. The other top is a large one donated and it will be quilted by Wendy W. in Bendigo and then go to the survivors in that region. I also posted off 4 quilts to the Wandong area. Three of the quilts were from Lisa W. and the other was the quilt of checkered fabric I showed in an earlier post. Hopefully the postal system will inundate me with more donations this week.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Quilts Donated

These beautiful quilts were donated by Lisa Walton of Sydney and they will make someone very happy. More photos to follow.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More quilts and a Top sent to Christina

More quilts arrive, from Wendy Evans,thanks so much Wendy... And a quilt top from Sarah Walker

Monday, February 16, 2009

Quilts Sent to Bendigo

I received a lovely box of fabric and blocks from Leah Hoyle and another one from Kerry Morpeth.

The beautiful quilts were donated by Di Bowles and sent to be distributed in Bendigo.

Already we have been able to make a difference.

A very big thank you to all who have checked this blog and offered their support.

Quilts Sent To Christina

Reports about the quilts we've received so far. Mary-anne Rooney gave out quilts yesterday to those affected by fire in the Bendigo.

I (Mary-anne) have been able to give 17 quilts to bushfire victims today. I have put
out the call to locals who personally know victims to contact me and the
calls are coming thick and fast. On lady was the home help lady for two of
the victims. One of her clients is 83 years old and has lost everything -
all she wanted was a rug to put over her knees and her favorite color is
green. I had just unwrapped a quilt posted to me from Bronwen Sayer from
South Australia and so it went straight out the door for this old lady.

Others distributed have gone to a disabled eldery man, a family of four, a
young man and his girlfriend, a member of the local Rotary club, 2 teenage
girls and their parents, 2 young couples ......

I need more quilts as my supply is limited at this stage and people are so
The sunflower strippy quilt
went to an elderly lady, the purple one went to a young woman, the purple
one with the horses went to a 12 year old girl, the fan one went to an 18
year old girl.....the list goes on. People are so grateful and thrilled to
receive these quilts

Mary-anne Rooney

Christina also reports- Quilts are arriving . This one (pink one at end of post)from Carol Richardson a beautiful QS quilt which will be given to a local family who lost everything in the bushfires here...I gave two to the children last week but it will be lovely for the mum and dad to have there own quilt.... They are in a furnished rented home at the moment and the mum misses something of her own now she has something....Thank you Carol.

Thanks go to Jennifer Rowe for a huge box of quilts which are all shown here. They are all lovely and thank you so much....Lots here to make people happy and they will be distributed as soon as possible.

A lovely parcel of great fabric arrived today will put it to good use making quilts the QAYG method that Jan Mac has given instructions..Such an easy technique
Thanks everyone keep the quilts coming please.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

More Quilts

I finished these quilts yesterday and quilted 4 more today so I'll show them when the binding is done. The fishy quilt was a donated odd set of blocks and bit and pieces which I combined for a boy's quilt.
The coloured squares quilt was from donated fabric which I cut into 6" sqs and a work colleague sews them into tops for me. She does a great job at putting together Kid-friendly quilts with lots of colourful kids prints.
The checked top was donated by Sue V from Shepparton and I quilted it. It's ideal for a teenaged boy. Most likely these quilts will go to the Kinglake/Wandong area. The QAYG quilt with the zig-zag setting is the one I also finished yesterday. The last two I've made have had red bindings and I like them but I probably prefer them with the navy binding to really make the strings "pop". I'm working on some blocks which are especially for males, without a floral or pink print to be seen. It's easier to find these strings in my stash than I'd thought.
I'll post more photos as the blocks and quilts arrive.