Sunday, February 22, 2009

End of week 2

The first 4 quilts were donated by Annabel Samuel in Perth. The simple squares with butterfly blocks and the QAYG quilt I put together. The last quilt was a donated set of blocks using kid's fabrics.

Mary-anne from Bendigo shared her story about handing out quilts:
Here's a few snapshots of my day

9.00 Seven quilts arrived at school from Mildura, dropped off by the sister
of a Mildura quilter

9.30 A local lady came in to school to drop something off, talked about the
fires and mentioned her cousin had lost her house and now the kids had
nothing. She left with four quilts under her arm - two little boys will
have quilts on their beds tonight

10.30 one of the integration aides called into my office and left with a
large flannel quilt (quilted by Wendy Watkins on Monday) under her arm - it
just needs the binding sewn down and then it is going to a 15 year old boy
(whose grandmother, coincidently, used to teach at our school)

1.00 one of our mums called in to tell me that the 83 year old lady who
received a quilt (the one donated by Bronwen from S.A.) cried when she
received it and said that all of her life she'd wanted a patchwork quilt

1.15 our school social worker called past to ask if she could heave a quilt
for her niece who lost her home

2.00 another mum called in and collected a quilt for her friend who lost
everything in the fires

3.00 the minister appointed by the Uniting Church to oversee bushfire
recovery rang to make an appointment to see how best to get the quilts to
those who need them

So, all in all a very successful day

I urgently need more quilt - larger rather than smaller as many couples
would prefer just one large one for their bed.
As I type this the local news is on and they are saying 48 families have
lost their homes in our area.

Thank you to everyone who is helping - can I suggest that quilters mark the
National Day of Mourning this Sunday by getting together with some friends
and making a quilt for the victims


Keep the quilts, blocks, tops and QAYG blocks coming as we are making a difference.

Hugs Jan Mac


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  1. Hi Jan Mac,
    Good work !! I will be sending a quilt top and some orphan blocks. Hope the parcel reach you soon.
    Lay Ngoh