Thursday, February 12, 2009

Some of the First Quilts Delivered

These are the first of our beautiful quilts delivered by Christina this week.
They are for two families, the children are aged 6 to 10, three girls and one boy. Both families lost everything one escaping just in time...The other family had just moved into the home the day before and was away when the fire took hold... I am asking for two QS quilts to go to the parents of these children...
They were in the Mudgegonga area on Saturday night that is where their homes are, at the moment they are being housed by friends. they were burnt by the fire that started in Beechworth came down through Stanley and jumped the road in Mudgegonga and travelled on to Rosewhite and headed our way fortunately for us the wind changed.

So already someone has been blessed with our quilts and I've heard from quite a few quilters who are getting their sewing groups involved with making QAYG blocks.
Two lovely ladies have volunteered to collect quilts in Melbourne and transport them to either Christina or myself and we really appreciate all the offers of help we've had from interstate and overseas.
Please pass on our blog details and link us up so more can hear how they may be able to help.

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