Thursday, February 12, 2009

Quilts for Bendigo Part 3

Here's the 18 quilts a friend is taking over to Bendigo for the fire victims. Luckily I'm a better quilter than photographer. I was rushing to get photos taken and the quilts delivered. I had room in one of the boxes so I managed to get the last quilt put together. As you can see I've had a bit of practice with the QAYG blocks as I've made all these QAYG quilts since Dec. There were another couple of them as well but they were donated before the bushfire. The purple quilt was a set of donated blocks which someone had used for very creative machine quilting. The mauve quilt was a donated top which I quilted and the horizontal strips quilt was donated as a partly quilted top which I finished.
Back to the sewing machine now

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  1. Every body who has donated quilts is amazing, the world is better place with your generosity.