Thursday, April 22, 2010

More Quilts to Show You

I've received more parcels of QAYG blocks with 76 from Stehanie Driel from WA and Margaret Harris from NSW sent 4 lovely quilt tops and 50 QAYG blocks, so I've been busy getting some more tops quilted. The first top was donated by Pam Chaffe (Vic), the second one was from an unknown donor, the third one I made from donated strings and I think it looks like Licorice Allsorts and the last top was donated by Sue V. From Shepparton (Vic).
They will alll bring some joy to the people who receive them.
I also received an incredible number of knitted hats and jumpers from Brenda R in SA, and her sister Jenni O. of Vic brought them to me at my AQA Meeting. I also received a hugs box of rice bags from the Wauchope quilters in NSW as well as many bags of school supplies from the lovely ladies of AQA.
So I'm busy getting the next shipment ready for East Timor and I need to get some more quilts finished for the women's refuge.
I usually get many more quilts finished than I have so far this year but I decided to spend as much time as possible travelling with my DH and will get the quilts done in between trips. It's lovely to have time together and I'm prepping more handwork to take on our travels so I see many more hexagons in my future. I show my current projects on my other blog at
Back to the sewing machine now so I can get a few more things done.
Hugs Jan Mac