Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Back to Work

I'm back from my break and I've been busy getting more quilts finished and ready for the next delivery to Kinglake and Flowerdale areas. The weather is warming up and they say that it's only 27 more days until the fire season, so it will be a very stressful time for people who live in these areas.
Here are the quilts I managed to get finished before my break. I have lots more to photograph and show on the blog ASAP.
I've spent the last two days packing goods for shipping to Timor as there is room on a container which is being packed this week. We're taking as many boxes as we can fit in the 4wd and on the roof rack.
Many wonderful ladies have knitted or crocheted blankets, scarves, baby clothes, made rice bags and tote bags and collected school supplies which will be wonderful for the Timorese people to help make their lives a little easier. I have also finished off some simple quilts and I'll add a tally soon. I also finished off a large crocheted blanket today so it can go with this shipment. I use all the odd balls of wool to crochet sqs and then put them together to make blankets for people who live in the mountainous areas of Timor where it is very cold. We have a big day tomorrow to make the delivery and pick up more donated knitted items, so I'll show more photos of donated quilts when we return.
Thank you all for your help and support with these projects as it wouldn't be possible to do so much without all your help. I received a lovely letter from the nun I worked with in Timor last year, and she sends a very grateful thank you for all your support of her community.
Hugs Jan Mac