Sunday, November 20, 2011

One More QAYG Quilt

I finished off another QAYG quilts from donated blocks today and will be delivering all the quilts and Christmas items on this Wednesday. I still have to donate about 6 quilts to the local Women's Refuge for Christmas and then I've decided to take a short break from the donation quilts.
I have been working on them for so many year that I have many of my own projects and UFOs to finish and I've decided that I need to clean out some of my shelves to make room for new projects. Some of these UFOs will most likely be donated as well but it's time to have a play with my own new ideas as well as finishing off my half-done projects.
I'll be posting my progress on my other blog and will still show donation quilts here when I have more finished.
Many thanks for all your support with these quilt projects.
Jan Mac

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Donations from Kyabram

I met up with the lovely Lesley Lowe again yesterday and she brought over lots of wonderful donations for the needy for Christmas. She also brought these two lovely quilts to be donated and they will brighten the lives of two little children with a warm hug.
Cat also asked if I need more financial donations and I know that this is an expensive time with Christmas etc coming very soon so I have enough money at the moment thank you very much for asking. I may use some of the donated money to buy a few toys for boys as they are harder to make things for and I don't want them to miss out. I'll post if and when I purchase them.
Many thanks for all your help.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Two for Tuesday

I'm still plugging away on finishing off more QAYG quilts as gifts for the needy for Christmas. As the weather warms up here I'm hoping they will be happy to receive a quilt even though they may not be able to use it too often for a few months.
Thanks to everyone for making and donating QAYG blocks for these projects.
Hugs, Jan Mac

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Time for Three

Having been away camping for 10 days or so it's put me behind a bit with production of quilts but I have managed to finish off another 3 QAYG quilts to be donated to the needy for Christmas.
It's been very handy to still have some QAYG blocks on hand to make more quilts in short time.
I hope you're not sick of seeing these QAYG quilts. Luckily I'm not sick of making them! LOL!
I hope to get a few more finished before I deliver them so I'd better get back to work again.
Hugs and thanks for stopping by.
Jan Mac