Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

I've had a productive week and finished off these quilts. Two were cot panels and two were donated tops with the last one being a QAYG quilt. I've almost finished off a larger QAYG quilt too but that will be shown tomorrow. With all the floods and potential bushfires I know there will be a need for quilts so I'm busy getting some ready.
I totaled the quilts donated for 2010 and was surprised to see that we donated 497 which means that many people were comforted thanks to all the very generous quilters who donated quilts, tops, blocks and fabric. it wouldn't have been possible without all of your support.
As we go into the new year if anyone has time to make and send a few QAYG blocks (measuring 10.5") they would be very welcome to get more quilts made quickly for the flood affected areas.
I hope you all have a very safe and happy New Year and I'll be back next year.
Hugs Jan Mac

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Quilts From South Australia

I received these 5 beautiful quilts from South Australia and these will be loved by the recipients. Keryn and Mereth quilted them and sent them over for donation so they will be going out to needy people soon. They may go to flood affected people in either NSW or Qld as the need will be great when the displaced people are able to return home. Clearing mud out from your home and belongings would be one of the worse tasks you can do and the news reports show that many towns have been affected and evacuated.
Back to some more quilting!
Hugs Jan Mac

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Quilt Giving and Receiving

I delivered 10 quilts to the Women's Refuge yesterday as they felt that was enough for the moment. I also sent off 4 quilts as well as a box of toys, craft and gift items to be distributed by the Salvos to the homeless of Gawler (SA).
I also received these 3 beautiful quilts which were made and donated by Margaret H. from NSW and they are really lovely and cuddly and will be loved by the kids who receive them. The last quilt was a donated top made by the quilters of Alice Springs and the bright batik fabric is very striking and will be sure to catch the eye of a teen at the refuge. I had almost depleted my supply of quilts for the moment and now I have the start of the next stockpile to give out when needed. Thanks for all your support with the ongoing quilt projects.
Hugs Jan Mac

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Where There's a Need...

...then of course there's a quilt. I've had a productive week despite working and socialising and have managed to finish off all of these quilts so far. I received a lovely parcel of fabric from Barbara D. in Vic and the bright batik was perfect to use for binding the bright quilt and there was a lovely caramel fabric with small green and red snowflake designs which was ideal to use for binding strips for the country red , green and caramel QAYG blocks. Don't you love it when it all comes together. So far I've reached more than my quota for the women's refuge and I've just heard that some of the farming districts in Sth Australia and Western Australia are having a tough time after 10 years of drought and then when the drought broke they had floods which have forced many from their homes. They are now in need of some comfort and cheer for Christmas as well as in the forseeable future. So of course when I heard that things were pretty grim in lots of Aussie communities, I managed to get more QAYG quilts finished and this first lot will be going to Gawler (SA) to be distributed by the Salvos. I've also made some dolly quilts to go with some dolls that I've bought and hopefully some little girls will love to wrap their dolls in quilts like their own.
I was very lucky to still have QAYB blocks on hand and these latest quilts came from blocks which varied in size from the 10.5" I usually use and it was good to use them all up. I have one more lot of 11.5" blocks to use and then will be back to the normal size. Some of the small blocks made very cute dolly quilts and I'll show more photos tomorrow.
Now I'm off to finish knitting a premmie baby jacket so I can get those in the post.
Bye for now, Jan Mac

Monday, December 13, 2010

Racing the Clock

It's time to get back to work finishing quilts and donating them, especially as Christmas is almost here. I rang the local womens' refuge to see if they needed quilts and they have asked for 12 for Christmas instead of the 4 to 6 they usually need. This means I'm now really busy getting more QAYG blocks put together. Since yesterday I've finished 3 and finished the binding on the second quilt which was donated in a finished state without the binding being done. I'll have more photos to show soon but I think I'll be able to deliver the 12 they have asked for if I keep working on them until the weekend.
It's good to get back into the sewing room and clear some room by finishing off quilts and getting them out to people who need a hug for Christmas.
Back later, Jan Mac