Saturday, February 21, 2009

Quilts to Christina

Many thanks to the following people who have donated quilts in the past few days, Barbara Milford, Margaret Fulton ( lol not the cook) Wendy Evans, Kerry Morpeth ,Keryn Evans and her friend sorry the quilt went too quick for me to get a name. But I got her email address and have written to her... Also Keryn's quilt went last night and hubby didn't get a photo of it but I will try to get one....Also arrived today Some lovely brand new sewing items from Margaret Attrill and some wadding and fabric from Lindi Jarman Thanks so much.... Have another quilt but not photographed yet..... Also a huge thanks to Annie Schulling who sent me two huge bags of fabric, my son collected them in Melbourne from her friend and brought them here today...Her friend Colleen Miller also donated $500 which I have quickly put to good use and bought a roll of wadding and the rest will be put toward fabric mostly backing fabric...A big thanks to My Little Patch in Wangaratta a shop they donated some backing fabric.... So thanks so much I have seven families here who I have to find quilts for have lots of single bed but could use some QS. Fran Williams told me to be patient and they will come so I am trying, but the families here could use the QS ones now as our nights are getting coolish. ...To Bettinne the card arrived first she sent me sewing items and forgot the card so sent the card separate and she wondered which would arrive first. So the card did...Thanks so much you people are amazing .Here is Carolyn M. (one with the glasses) receiving a beautiful quilt donated by Keryn Emmerson's friend the only name I have is Meredith sorry went so quickly I didn't get the details... Carolyn was so grateful and it made me almost cry to see the way she hugged it. I know this quilt will be well loved. I was able to give Carolyn's two daughters quilts last week and she says they went straight onto their beds.....
Judeen Ariy also donated quilts.

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