Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Quilts from Alice Springs Quilters 4


  1. it is so fun to look through all these and know that they were all made with so much love...and it is a thrill to see the stars that i sent all the way from NY in the US in a finished quilt. I hope that the quilt brings lots of joy to its new owner.

  2. wow, just discovered this post
    the 3rd quilt is the one I made

    did you give it already to someone? I joined a card for the family with all my personal details and really would have loved to know who got it

  3. I'm even later discovering this post! Ever since my quilt was finished off by Tia and sent up to Victoria, I have been wondering what happened to it and if someone is loving it.. (mine is 2nd one down, even if it is pictured upside down... those are hearts! lol!) Even after all this time I wondered and looked up the dates and link to here on Tia's blog. It is great to know it arrived ok and hope the recipient liked it.