Thursday, July 30, 2009

Quilts from Alice Springs Quilters 5

It's been a busy time at my paid work as the flu season persists and I've worked extra shifts to help out. I also delivered 220 quilts a week ago as well as all the knitted garments, and sewing kits. I also posted off another 14 quilts as well as more knitted beanies so be assured they are getting to the right people who need them. It has been a slow process for the people to get the money that was promised and many are still in a state of shock and uncertainty. They were very appreciative of the knitted garments as well as the weather continues to be cold around the Kinglake area.
Just after I gave away almost all the quilts I'd gathered, I received calls for more quilts so I'm busy getting more finished from the donations of QAYG blocks.
Many thanks for all your help and interest.
Hugs Jan Mac

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