Friday, August 31, 2012

A Timely Purchase

 If you read my other blog you would know that I bought a second hand industrial sewing machine yesterday and I'm surprised at how much easier it is to finish off the QAYG blocks. I made these two quilts yesterday afternoon and finished them today and didn't have the usual strain of pushing them through my sewing machine. The new motor is so powerful that it just stitches through the thick batting without a problem. I took some QAYG blocks with me so i could try out the machines and the seller recommended this machine as it is strong enough to cope with the thicknesses. I have a pile of blocks to work through here and will get them done ASAP now that I have a machine which can handle them. I've "killed" two domestic sewing machines with the donation quilting and I was reluctant to use my newest machine in case I wore out another machine.
  I will have more photos to show as soon as I finish my next stint of night shifts.
Hugs, Jan Mac


  1. Yes, I think your industrial machine was a wise and timely investment!

  2. I don't know how you have coped up until now with ordinary sewing machines! That is the reason I don't work on quilts to completion; my machine would probably curl up its toes after just one!

  3. Such a relief for you Jan, it always worried me that so much block stitching was very heavy on the machines. A timely purchase indeed.

  4. Wow! I can certainly believe that two domestice sewing machines have bitten the dust considering the amount of work you do Jan! I think an Industrial machine is definitely the way to go, good for you!! Would love to see a pic of your new baby!!! Also nice to see a number of my blocks in your latest quilts too, glad they have been useful!!!!!