Monday, February 28, 2011

Today's Finishes

The first QAYG quilt was finished today and it is going to a group which helps homeless people in Melbourne. They have a special day where they provide support and information about the community services which are available for them. This is warm and was made from all the leftover trimmings from backings as well as poly cottons and flannels. It's in darker colours so it won't show the dirt and will be more suited to a man but it will be warm regardless of fabric colour.
The next quilts are all donated tops that I've quilted and finished and will all be going to Emerald in Qld. I have one more to bind and I hope to get some more QAYG quilts made tomorrow before the truck leaves with all the boxes of quilts for Emerald.
Many thanks for all your generous donations which have made so many people warm.
Hugs Jan Mac

1 comment:

  1. you'll be getting orders from the homeless organisation, that quilt will be very well appreciated. did you make a bag to go with it?