Friday, February 11, 2011

Quilt Finishes Again

It was good to get some more quilts finished after a severe storm overnight which left us without power again until almost lunchtime today.

The first quilt is a combination of purple QAYG blocks donated by quilters from around the world. It photographed darker than it is because today has been rainy and overcast for most of the day.

The second quilt is a variation of QAYG and the blocks were made and donated by Sandra McLay (Vic). The binding is 2" wide and I think it cam from AQA but it also may have been from Maryjane Morris as I received donations from both on the same day.

The third quilt is from a set of "boy" blocks from the Colleambally quilters in NSW. They have cute fabric with checks, plaids and tractors and will be going to a boy from a farming community so it will be well loved I'm sure.

The last quilt was made from a donated top and it has cute kid's prints and will be loved as well.

Sorry that I'm late in emailing you to tell you that your parcels have arrived. Keep checking the blogs and you should see your blocks displayed and then made into quilts and I'll try to catch up with emails soon.
Many thanks for all your help with this quilt appeal.
Cheers, Jan Mac

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