Friday, February 18, 2011

Quilts From New Zealand

These three fabulous quilts were made and donated by Vida McDonald from New Zealand.

The first one has lovely fabric with realistic bird prints and a water theme with dolphins and fish.

The next one is a very clever use of strips grouped according to colour and it's a really well planned design around a central panel.

The last quilt is also a string quilt in a planned colour-way and with a piano keys border which is a great way to use up shorter pieces of fabric.

These quilts are light-weight and have all been packed in readiness to send them to Emerald in Qld. I think I have solved my problem of shipping quilts to Qld as I have fiund a driver willing tot take them to Brisbane and I think I have a courier company who will take them up to Emerald. I also contacted one of the people working with flood victims in Dalby and he said they were winding down their relief centre and didn't require quilts so I plan to send mine to Emerald at this stage until the areas in Vic are able to take some too. Then there will be a need in Tully where they had their homes destroyed by the cyclone.
Time to get some more quilts finished.
Many thanks for all your donations, Jan Mac


  1. Wow! Those first two are art quilts. I sure hope they go to someone who will appreciat the beauty. So kind. Great that you have found someone to transport these too. Cherrie

  2. What a lovely contribution from our friends across the Tasman!!!