Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Special/Different Quilts Finished

I always feel that I only give away special quilts but these are a bit different because they were made for a purpose or a theme.
The first one was made from donated 8.5" squares with a blue theme. I made a few extra so that there would be enough for a small quilt and this one will soon be on it's way to Emerald in Qld.
The next quilt was made from all sorts of leftovers and was made specially for a homeless person. It is warm and sturdy but I used up odd bits and pieces that I don't use in the other quilts. This one has some flannel and poly cotton pieces and the binding was a piece of fabric which must be about 20 years old. I originally bought it to make board shorts for my DS and it has green skulls on the fabric. Cutting it up in strips means that the skulls aren't obvious and the fabric is cotton so it will wear well. I'll be sending this one off with it's own bag and it will be given out at the Homeless Connect Day held in Melbourne in March.
More parcels have arrived in the last few days and they are shown on my other blog.
I have a busy few days of paid work so I'm measuring tops and backings and matching them so I can have a big quilt push when the paid work is done.
Many thanks for your donations, Hugs Jan Mac


  1. I am sure the special quilts be much loved and appriciated Jan.

  2. the blues one is very meditative and calming, like a garden seen in moonlight. hugz, k.

  3. I love the way the blocks are arranged in the blue quilt, it has a stunning effect. I also love the 'bits 'n bobs' one as well, reminds me of a quilt that could have been made during the Great Depression! You do awesome work!!!

  4. the blue is extra special. I love the dreamy effect of the fading colours. Cherrie