Thursday, February 24, 2011

Quilts for Queensland

These beautiful quilts were all made from donated quilt tops and they will be sent to Emerald in Queensland to assist with their flood recovery. The smaller ones in more 'adult' colours will be given to people living in aged care and assisted living units and as lap quilts they will bring warmth and comfort. The checkered squares are the back of the quilt in subdued colours of black, blues and purples and as the back is made from donated flannel squares it will be lovely and warm and will suit a man's taste.The smaller quilt at the end of this post is one of 5 that I donated to the local hospital for the Wrap with Love program and will be given to families who experienced the death of a baby. The baby is wrapped in the quilt so the family can hold them and take photos of their baby and the quilt can then be taken home by the families.
I have my paid work today and will be packing quilts into boxes tomorrow ready for transport to Qld over the weekend.
Of course it's only thanks to all of your generous donations that so many quilts are finished and donated.
Hugs Jan Mac


  1. a lovely assortment, well done everyone. i posted mine off to Emerald yesterday and then went home and started on NZ's blocks, which i posted off this morning. It's good to keep busy. k.

  2. On a very personal note - thank you for making "Wrapped With Love" blankets - this is such a thoughtful and special thing to do for grieving parents.

  3. Wrapped with Love is new to me, but such a wonderful idea. Keep up the good work.