Sunday, February 13, 2011

Monday's Finishes

The first finish here is one of the tops donated by Kyvalley and Girgarre patchwork group. They included a matching backing, binding and batting and the quilt is very striking and will be loved by someone who loves earthy colours. The next four quilts were donated as tops and it's good to get some more of them quilted and ready to send off. I've been working on finishing more for boys and men as they are often overlooked when I'm working with florals LOL.
The last two very large quilts were donated and dropped off by Maryjane Morris when we met in Melbourne last Monday. The wonky churn dash only need to be trimmed and bound and the lovely navy and blue quilt had been basted with pins and the machine quilting had been commenced. I took the quilting out and loaded it on the quilting machine as it was much quicker to finish it that way and I always love a finished quilt even though I only meander quilt on them.
I hope the donors are happy with the finished quilts and I know the recipients will be as the weather will be getting cooler soon.
Many, many thanks for all your donations.
Hugs Jan Mac


  1. You've had a busy weekend, i'm sure they'll all be appreciated. cheerio, enjoy your week.