Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Update on Quilts distributed in Eaglehawk area

5th March

Thank you to Noreen (W.A.) and South Fabrics in Echuca - 13 more quilts
arrived today.

A drop-in centre has been established in the Eaglehawk shops with a quilt
hanging up for display and information about how people can get quilts for
friends and relations. I am keeping a list so there aren't too many
double-ups. Double-ups are bound to happen as there are so many groups and
individuals supporting victims. eg I rang a lady today (who used to teach
at school) to offer quilts for her daughter and family. She had already
been given quilts by the local quilting group - so another one ticked off
my list.

Three quilts given today to another family and more leaving tomorrow.

The principal of the school who took quilts for two families last week saw
me today and said that the quilts were received with great joy - especially
a traditional Amish one that a teenage boy received!

7th March

More quilts arrived yesterday from Stawell - thank you to the quilters and
the deliverers. It is amazing how resourceful people are - I have been
getting quilts delivered by people going on holiday, by people having a day
out etc - saves postage.

I gave out another five quilts on Thursday - through contacts at the local
Anglican church.

A huge thank-you to Charron Trainor (a silent scquilter) who came out to
school yesterday and folded and sorted the 116 quilts I had at that stage.
Since she left another 6 have arrived!!! (Thanks, in part, to Wendy Watkins
of Honeypot Quilting who is quilting up a storm!)

I went for a drive around the fire affected area of Eaglehawk on Thursday
(had to take a kid home from school who lives in the area) - boy! It was
close to us - I hadn't realised just how close it had come to school -
approx 300m as the crow flies!!!

10th March

Add two more to the Bendigo tally. One of the little girls at school choose two quilts for her aunt and uncle who lost everything in the fires. She chose a gorgeous bright star quilt (which came from Stawell) for their bed and another greenish one for their couch. Her mum took them away in a large suitcase which was donated by the Renmark girls.

And I had a conversation with a Rotary member who said “There’s a bit of the child in us all, when N.... (the Rotary member) was given his quilt he rubbed it over his face and snuggled into it” That quilt was the lovely QS one donated which was made from scquilters nine patch swaps and which was also made with oriental fabric.

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