Thursday, March 26, 2009

Report From Christina

We are home again after delivering quilts and having a break.
We delivered a total of 36 to Whittlesea Secondary School. I was going to wait but after ringing them before we left they said they weren't going to distribute them to the students until their memorial service on April 1st so we said we would bring what we had and then get the rest to them before April 1st so I need 18 to fill their amount.
We delivered 14 single and 1 QS quilts to Whittlesea Primary
And we delivered 19 single 7 QS and 1 cot quilt to Flowerdale Primary I still need 6 QS for there.
Now my work begins again I now need 68 single quilts 4 QS and waiting on confirmation of more QS for schools.
Now I must apologise for not having all the names of quilts and fabric and blocks that have arrived recently. some didn't have names on them and one envelope was thrown away before I got the details. I have a lot of quilts to photograph tomorrow so will let you know when you can look at the photos. If you look at the photos of the Whittlesea secondary school there are two single quilts there that we collect the morning we left. Also a QS pictured at Flowerdale school we collected that the morning we left and they went with the quilts we were delivering. I will post the photos in my Album named Christina and also on the blog address below.
I also delivered one quilt to a friend of my niece who lost her home in the fires she lived in Yarra Glen or close to it. The photograph of the quilt I gave her is also there my sister donated it.
Thanks go to all who have sent me quilts blocks fabric or anything else and if you name is not here please contact me and let me know what you sent and I can then let you know if it arrived.
Quilts delivered to my sister from....Julie Barker Angela. Cathy, Jenny Ray.
Quilts or fabric and blocks arrived here from Kerrie Shellberg Prue Linge.
Fabric donated and collected by us ( yes we met an axe murder ) Melissa Schmocker.

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