Thursday, March 5, 2009

Donated Quilts for Kinglake part 3

I've been getting boxes of quilts from all over Australia this week and so far have 45 finished quilts just in this week. They will go to Kinglake in the next few weeks. While I was picking up parcels in the post office, a local quilter saw me and asked if I would call at her home as she had quilts to donate.
When I got there she gave me 7 quilts, 6 of which are at least double or queen sized. The generosity of quilters is amazing.
I also met a quilter from Stawell this afternoon and she passed on another 16 quilts from her group.
I've just been asked for 17 large quilts for CFA members who lost their home while out fighting fires and also for 210 quilts for school children and teenagers in the Kinglake area.
Keep the quilts coming please as we still need plenty more. Christina is in need of 100 for the Whittlesea area and Mary-anne is still coellcting for Easglehawk.

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