Thursday, March 26, 2009

Quilts Distributed at Eaglehawk/Redesdale Area

I had a visitor at school today, a lady whose family lost everything in the
bushfires (who is also a quilter!! And who now has no stash or sewing gear)
She is from the Redesdale area and was on her way to talk to the Royal
Commisioners who were in town. She chose four lovely quilts for her family
and we had a lovely chat.

She was amazed by the number of quilts I had on hand and the choices she
had. I left her to choose whatever she wanted and she was so delighted to
be able to take a quilt for everyone in her family and asked me to pass on
her thanks.

So, Jan, add four more to the tally (Redesdale area)

Best part of my day!


Another day, more quilts given away

Another lady from the Redesdale called in today and very happily took 5
quilts - all she saved was her handbag! She was also very happy to take
some scissors and needles. She says to say a HUGE thank you to you all

I also gave a child the beautiful dolphin "Stack and whack" which came in a
few weeks ago. He loves dolphins ("but not to eat!") - was evacuated from
his home, and unable to return for a day or two, and has grandparents who
lost property in the Kilmore area. (they also spent a long time not knowing
if the grandparents were alive or not) He is still very stressed about the
fires and headed off to Melbourne today for operation number 12 on his legs,
he was born with a disability with his legs and is such a brave little
soldier. Although, technically, he didn't lose his home, receiving a quilt
was such a huge boost for his Mum and dad and grandparents as well as
himself. He is currently tucked up in the Royal Children's under his new
quilt as I type this!




  1. such stories, they bring a tear to the eyes and make us glad we can do some little thing to help them on their paths to recovery. K.

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