Thursday, March 5, 2009

More Quilts for Mudgeegonga

This morning I had Jo M. call in and pick up a beautiful quilt made by Annette Schulling. Jo was absolutely delighted, especially since the nights here have turned really cold. I commented that it was necessary to wear a dressing gown in the mornings now and she said yes she had to buy one. Must be so hard when you have lost everything. She told me her children loved the quilts I have given them and her MIL thought we did a marvellous job at sewing them... Photo of Jo with her lovely quilt, made by Annette Schulling.
Also sent a quilt home with my BIL a couple of weeks ago as he was telling me one of his best mates had died in the fires and another had lost their home. BIL has sent me these photos and he wrote the following. I quote " Just a short note to let you know I passed on the quilt to Daryl and Michelle. As you can see Michelle loved it took one look and wrapped herself in it didn't want Daryl to have any of it. But gave in when I wanted a photo with him too. She showed me(BIL) some of the things that were burnt, Daryl's trombone. All that was left was 6in of the horn the flared bit. A hand full of melted jewellery, the petrol cap of her Mustang that had melted in the driveway. The stang was burnt all gone. Daryl's Morris has also gone, the mag wheels had completely melted. (run away in little rivers) unquote. Photos of Michelle wrapped in quilt and Daryl and Michelle. This was one of the early quilts I received and forgive me I didn't get the name of the maker but am sure the maker will recognise it another beautiful quilt.
Thanks for the update, Christina

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