Monday, March 2, 2009

Quilts to Christina

Thursday Peter and I travelled through the bushfire area and delivered two quilts to a family. Sorry I forgot my camera but here are photos of the two quilts....This family lost everything they had just moved into their home in May 2007 and were renovating it. the wife was devastated at the loss but she said it is better for Isobella ( their 4 year old daughter) to lose her belongings rather than her parents.....The only thing saved were 4 goats who sheltered in a near by dam...Two homes not 100 metres away were not touched such is the irony of a bushfire.
Thursday delivery of quilts included a box of quilts from Annie Schulling Aren't they lovely and a much needed QS quilt that will be delivered soon.
And still the come another lovely quilt from Irene Long


  1. i heard a man speaking on Radio National this morning about the Canberra fires and he said how very much his family appreciated the donation of a quilt after losing everything in those fires. He said it was very wonderful to feel the care and support of others. He's still talking about it a few years on. K.

  2. Are you accepting just quilt blocks? I'm in the UK so sending you a few blocks would be the most practical way for me to help. Ros