Friday, March 20, 2009

Quilts From QAYG Blocks

The QAYG blocks have been coming in and with the donated prepared binding strips, it's made it much easier to get the quilts finished quickly.
I've received QAYG Blocks from: Carol Richardson (ACT), Judith Hadley (USA), Sunna Reyr (Iceland), Bev Dean (WA), Elizabeth Raymond (NSW), Brenda Blaylock (USA), Betty Swalling (SA), Sue Hodges (NSW), K. Jones (NSW), Ulla Rantakari (Finland), Nikki Moshier (USA), Sallie McCauley (USA), Michelle Browning (USA), C. Smith (NSW), Doris Moran (NSW), M. deVries (Vic), Numurkah Crafters and Sharyn Caspar (Vic).


  1. Coming to this blog and it's sister one, never fails to lift my spirits, inspire me and fill me with the over-whelming and over-flowing love that I feel from all of you. It is such a joy to know that such deeply, caring people work so hard for the good of others and through the wonderful medium of quilting. I have been working on blocks to send to all of you and have run out of time before I have to head north to Alaska again to care for my parents for another month. So,I am mailing you 21 applique blocks that I have in my stash, instead. I am so deeply inspired by your work both with the Bushfire situation and with the East Timor work. You remind me...more than any of the hundreds of blogs that I regularly visit, of just why quilting is truly a gift of the heart and why we do the work that we do. Please know that you are reaching, touching and staying in our thoughts, our prayers and our hearts, forever..not just because of all that you do..but because of the kind of wonderful people that you truly are!

  2. That's such a good idea, for people to also send prepared binding strips. Having just about finished binding together my first full size single quilt i know how much time and material it takes to cut the binding strips. I will encourage my friends to do this also. And what a wonderful first comment from Michele above.She must be another deeply caring person such as yourselves. K.