Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Quilts to Christina

Thank you to
Canberra Quilters and Carolyn Salmon for all the lovely quilts see photos.
Thank you to Carol Monshing who added borders to and quilted quilts donated from Beechworth Quilters Cottage thanks Leonie.See Photos
Thanks to Cath Midson who has rung several companies chasing donations of wadding and thanks to Sydney Sewing Supplies who said yes to her and send me three cot size pieces and three QS pieces.
Thanks so much to the following people who have sent me donations to buy wadding will be able to buy three boxes now. Lucy Kennedy Dawn Cronin and Jude Aire. Others have offered and will acknowledge them as the donations arrive.
Thanks to my wonderful husband Peter who has quilted four more quilts and who helps me in every way he can holding quilts doing dishes and making me endless cups of tea. He is the sweetest man alive and please remind me of this when he is suffering his next PTSD episode lol. Whenever I thank him he says he is just earning brownie points when I say what for he just smiles lol.See photos...
I had the pleasure to give Karen and Dwayne W. a quilt today and a little sewing kit she wants to learn to quilt so she can help. She chose a wonderful quilt made by Lynne Scott and asked me to be sure to thank her very much and tell Lynne she loves it is beautiful See photo.

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