Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Time for QAYG Quilts.

 I've been pulling more donated QAYG blocks together to make more quilts. They go together fairly quickly but my sewing machine has been baulking at sewing through so many thick seams so I've been trimming all the batting back from the edges before I join the blocks. It's something I can do in the evening and it does make it much easier to join the blocks, especially when the more dense batting has been used for the QAYG blocks. I must get busy quilting more tops too but for the moment I'm enjoying using up more QAYG blocks.
  I'm back on night shifts for the next few days so no sewing will take place then but I plan to get more reading done LOL.
Hugs, Jan Mac


  1. Both quilts look gorgeous Jan...

  2. hi Jan, i thought of you as this cold weather kicked in knowing you would be getting busy. I've picked up my needles to start knitting blanket squares again, can't work outside in the cold so it's time to knit. Save the Children have put out another call for children's blankets, they are a joy to knit.