Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More Bits and Pieces Finished

I've been busy with family commitments but have also managed to get some more things finished and ready to donate to the needy.
The first quilt is a Rail Fence pattern and the blocks were made QAYG which meant that they were easy to put together. Sixteen of the blocks were donated as well as more of the fabric so I made enough blocks to make a quilt of 24 blocks.
I also quilted another donated top which came all the way from Holland and was made by Marijke Kleefman. Marijke made and donated 8 quilt tops which was incredibly generous.
I also finished off a crocheted baby blanket as well as another crocheted blanket large enough for a single (twin) bed. The boxer shorts are made from the fabric I had leftover after making some PJ pants for my DD. I'll buy a top to match them and possible stitch a matching piece of fabric to the top to tie them in together as a Christmas gift fpr an 8 yr old girl. I have more things to finish off soon.
Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs, Jan Mac


  1. Love the way the green makes the second quilt pop! Cherrie

  2. Are the rail fence blocks started in the centre like the diagonal QAYG blocks?

  3. My quilt top and two mini Xmas stockings are in the mail to you today.