Thursday, May 2, 2013

Is Eight Enough?

 I've been busily quilting over the past few days as I want to make another delivery at the weekend and the more I can fit in the better, as far as cost of transporting quilts goes. I sewed until 11.30pm on Tuesday night and again all day yesterday but only finished one today as I had family commitments this afternoon. I need to get more finished as we are planning more traveling very soon and I don't want to leave un-quilted tops and blocks here when winter is on its way and quilts will be appreciated.
  I am also trying to finish off some of my UFOs (some of which will probably be donated too) but it is good to get more quilts finished and out of here so I can tidy the shelves a bit before we leave on our travels again. I'm working nights again tomorrow but hope to get some more quilts finished before that so maybe eight isn't enough! Check back soon to see how many I manage to add to the finished pile.
Hugs, Jan Mac


  1. Thanks for adding the link, Jan. What a great collection of bright cheerful quilts. They will be so well received. Good luck with your continued work. Linda