Friday, May 11, 2012

Donation Quilts

 The first fabulous quilt was made and donated by Ulla from way over in Finland. I just love it and she also sent 3 bags to be donated. Ulla I can't believe that you were able to part with such a special quilt and I know it will be treasured by its new owner. I love your quilt and would love to have a "sew-in" together some day.
 The next QAYG quilt was made from donated QAYG blocks and I know that someone will love a blue quilt. The last quilt was made from a donated top and will bring joy to a little girl. I think the top may have come from Lesley and her Kyabram quilting friends.
 Thank you all so much for your ongoing support with the donation quilts.
Hugs, Jan Mac

1 comment:

  1. I made the quilt especially for you to be donated and knew from the beginning it was going away! The blue strings look great together.