Sunday, March 28, 2010

Donations from Deniliquin

The lovely Sue H. from Deni (NSW) dropped off more donations of fabric as well as an almost finished quilt and quite a few tote bags that she'd made. She's a great supporter of mine as well as some of her friends in Deni and all the help they give does make a difference.
She also donated 4 woolen skirts which I spoke about on my other blog at Sew Many Quilts Too Little Time. The bottom photo shows a quilt/blanket that I've made from one of the skirts. The blue quilt was almost finished so that's done now and will go to East Timor and the QAYG quilt is a smaller one and will go to Pine Ridge Reservation with the blue woolen quilt to keep someone warm during their very severe winter.
I love using up what is otherwise going to be wasted and have saved the zippers from the skirts to be used again. Now I need to get the rest used up so they can be given a new purpose.
Hugs Jan Mac

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