Monday, May 30, 2011

Quilts Coming and Going

I finished off another 3 quilts so far this week and they will soon be on the way to Qld to people who have been displaced by the floods. Two of them are for children and will bring some colour to their lives. I'm also packing more boxes of quilts to head off to Qld next week or so, when the truck is available again. Unfortunately it broke down today so I wasn't able to send the quilts this week. At least it gives me time to make more to send.
I also gave another 16 quilts to Rochester yesterday and Lesley Lowe very kindly delivered them for me. She also brought over the lovely child's quilt shown in the last photo.
I also heard from one of the ladies who is distributing the quilts via the community centre.
She said "I had saved a large bed quilt (from your last lot of quilts) for when I needed a bigger quilt - I had an elderly couple come in today who have just returned to their home on Wed - they are really feeling the cold, so I gave it to them - they were so pleased, tears & kisses all round - it was so nice to be able to help them".
It may be only a small donation of your time and scraps but the quilts we've made from the QAYG blocks have brought real comfort to the people who received them. I have one ready to send to Japan and also more on the way for Christchurch so there's lots of quilty comings and goings at the moment.
More to come, Jan Mac


  1. That childs quilt is terrific. I love how the lady used really big squares so that the child could enjoy the pictures. It would be a bit like having a picture book on your lap. Cherrie

  2. fabulous child's quilt, as Cherrie said it's just like a kid's book.

  3. I'm heading down to Christchurch next week so hope to have some photos and stories to share . . .
    Lovely quilts Jan you are incredible!