Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday's Finishes

These are all finished quilts made from donated tops. Someone had started to hand quilt the first quilt and it was donated with the backing and lovely wool batting. I quilted it on my domestic sewing machine as it was basted with thread and I cross hatch quilted it. I didn't remove the hand quilting and it's not noticeable that different types of quilting were used. The binding was a bit challenging as I had limited fabric left from the backing and I had to piece a couple of pieces to get enough width to make the binding at 2.5"; but that was what quilters did in the past so it's good enough for me too.

I'm sure that the new owner will be very glad that someone donated the quilt instead of leaving it languishing in the back of the cupboard. I must be a bit strange but I love to finish off other people's UFOs and then donating them where they will be loved.
Luckily I have plenty of places which are in need of quilts to comfort people. Today I was asked for 35 quilts in time for Christmas, for a group which supports children who have been abused and I think that's a great group to support.
If anyone has time to make a few pillowcases from kid's prints they would be great to keep the quilts in and brighten the kid's rooms and lives.
Back to the machine as I still have more to finish for the flooded areas in Qld and Vic.
Love, Jan Mac

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  1. So pretty. That last one is bound to make someone of my age happy. Cherrie