Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Quilts for Males

I've been making some quilts for males from the donated QAYG blocks and although there are some flowers in the blocks they are not a main feature and the colours are more subdued.
The people who helped distribute the quilts for the bush fire survivors of Kinglake said that although I made quilts which would be suitable for males, mostly they just wanted a warm quilt and the colour or pattern didn't matter as much as the comfort of a quilt.
I still like to make some which are in more subdued colours for the males but if the nights are cold I don't think they'll get less sleep under a floral quilt as long as it's warm and long enough.
Still trying to get more done to send off to Qld as well as Rochester so I plan on finishing a lot more this week.
Hugs Jan Mac

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