Thursday, May 19, 2011

Two More Today

I've been trying to tidy up my sewing area and still finishing off quilts. I need to tidy more but also need to quilt more before the truck goes to Qld again in a week's time. I still have a few more quilts to bind and then I plan to work on the QAYG quilts again.
These two quilts were made from donated tops and it makes it very quick for me to get them done when I have batting and backing the right sizes so I'm quilting those ones first.
At the moment I'm working on more for Rochester (Vic) as well as for Ipswich (Qld) where they have been badly affected by the recent flood waters.
Then I need to finish and post off a couple for Japan and Christchurch.
It's a lovely way to stay warm when it's cold outside, surrounded by quilts and batting. and packing boxes of quilts for delivery.
More to come soon.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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