Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I've Been Busy

I had a lovely weekend with family for Mother's Day and have managed to finish off some more quilts as well. The first smaller quilt was donated and just needed the binding applied. I love the simple design and it's a striking quilt which someone will love. I've recently heard that many of the nursing homes (retirement homes) aren't using their heating as the costs are now too high so I'm going to be working on more lap sized quilts as well to make life a little easier for our elderly. Many of this type of accommodation was affected by floods in Qld so I know they will be useful.
The last 3 quilts were all made from donated tops and will be going out to either Qld or Vic for people who lost their homes in the floods. I've also been busy knitting and crocheting as I can work on those hand projects while chatting with visitors and the finished garments and blankets will be very welcome to the people who are currently homeless.
Thank you all for your generous donations and continued support.
Bye for now, Jan Mac


  1. I love seeing your makes and the donated items.
    I finished two tops off yesterday and am off to do another couple now

  2. Jan that's terrible about the nursing homes, i know how much Mum needs her heating, it's very important to the elderly.