Thursday, May 5, 2011

Today's Finishes

I quilted two more quilts today and finished the binding on 4 so far as well as making backings for more tops.
The first two quilts were made from string pieced blocks made by Margaret in Scotland. I made some of them into QAYG blocks by backing them and adding batting and then joining them as for the other QAYG blocks. The second quilt I just joined the string pieced blocks together and quilted them after adding a backing and batting.
The third and fifth quilts were made from donated tops and the fourth quilt was made from donated blocks.
I'm working on getting more quilts finished and out of here before our winter really starts. The days are lovely and sunny here at the moment but our nights are getting much colder and the people living in homes which have been gutted due to flood damage will really appreciate the warmth of the quilts. I have more bindings to finish off and will show more photos of the finishes soon.
Hugs, Jan Mac


  1. Hi Jan,
    I was wondering - how long are the days in your country? Here there is no way to do all that work in one day, and blog about it, to yet! You are amazing! (I'm thinking it's a good thing that you use your energies for good, or the world might be in trouble.)

  2. Fantastic Jan
    I got 4 of the quilt tops onto backing and quilted yesterday and came down with full on flu today ;'( so now feeling sorry for myself.
    I'm missioning out to get these quilts down to Christchurch ASAP as it is cold here now at night!
    And Christchurch seems to have totally disappeared off the media radar.