Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Still Love QAYG

Luckily I don't tire of making these QAYG quilts as I have made more then I remember but they all have a charm of their own. I've made these in the last couple of days and have also made bags and a pillow as well as a couple of scarves. I'm also making more QAYG blocks as I have almost exhausted my supply. These ones will go to the people who lost their homes to the severe floods in Qld but they won't be going for a while until after the cleanup so I plan to make some more to go with them. Luckily my sewing machine is behaving and I made 3 yesterday and I have another almost finished today.
Better get back to it.
Cheers, Jan Mac


  1. yes they're all different aren't they, and lovely. i've made 4 blocks today and am all set to do a lot more tomorrow. hgz, k.

  2. Your QAYG quilts always look fabulous and I am sure they are much loved by the receiver.

  3. You inspired me again, and I have made 4 blocks since I read this post earlier today. I'll send them to you when there is a suitable amount to be mailed.