Saturday, January 8, 2011

Week One Finishes

I've decided to post photos of finishes a couple of times a week and post the total number of quilts finished every week and will try to keep the report on target. I was trying to calculate how much stash I was using but I get so busy quilting that I forget to keep an accurate count of what fabric I use. I doesn't matter much really as I make a lot of quilts and use a lot of fabric. I'm a member of a stashbuster group online but I don't need to get rid of stash as I use it up all the time for the donation quilts.
The pinky mauve sashing makes the first quilt a pretty one for a lady, then the next quilt was a QAYG made using different blocks. I put this one together using the more traditional method of hand sewing the covering strips on the back of the quilt as it would have detracted from the design if I'd used my quicker method. The next 3 quilts were made from donated tops and will be loved by the people in Qld who receive these. The last quilt was donated as bits and pieces of blocks and long strips and I put it together using Bonnie Hunter's pattern of Scrappy Bargello.

So for the first week of the year I've finished 10 quilts to donate and I hope to get more done tomorrow. Having so many QAYG blocks has made it much quicker to get so many finishes and I've also been making up QAYG blocks to match some which were donated and not the same size or type as the diagonal string blocks. It's good to empty out the boxes of bits and pieces and I just have a few more blocks to match some which were 13.5" square. Four were donated and I'm making another 8 and should have that one done tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by.
Cheers, Jan Mac

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  1. a very satisfactory Week One for you, and for me too as i will be posting 35 qayg blocks to you Monday. hgz, kaite