Thursday, January 13, 2011

They Have Started to Arrive

Today I received two lovely parcels of QAYG blocks and they will be quickly put together. The top photo shows the blocks sent by Terry P. of Quaker's Hill (NSW). She made 8 blocks using fabrics that would appeal to a boy and they are lovely and bright. I've started making some more to join them and have found a cute print with frogs and spiders to use.
The next set of blocks are from Kaite M. in Bathurst (NSW) and they are a set of 35 blocks made in pretty pinks and greens. She also sent a lovely burgundy fabric for the binding strips and also a burgundy bag to use to give the quilt out when it is completed. Kaite and her lovely Mum, Coralie, are making more blocks. Coralie is in her 80's and had never made a quilt block before but got involved with the bush fire quilt appeal and made a really pretty quilt in pink which was loved by the little girl who received it. I love how these type of quilt appeals allow people to join in with a positive contribution no matter where they live.
I've already heard from quilters in the UK, Canada, Holland and Africa and Ulla in Finland has already posted off some QAYG blocks as well as binding strips and fabric bags. What a generous group of friends we have in blog land and hopefully more will join in and send some blocks for quilts.
I mentioned blocks arrived from Shona (NSW) this week and they have already been made into a quilt shown on my other blog at Sew Many Quilts

I made more blocks today as well as crocheting squares for blankets for a homeless person. There were many homeless people living in some of the areas which were flooded so they will need some dry clothes and blankets as well. If anyone has any wool or acrylic yarn they wish to donate I can use them to knit hats and scarves, baby clothes and crochet blankets for the homeless.
The last photo shows the large pile of baby wool that Terry sent in her parcel and boy was that bag stuffed full. I have almost finished knitting a premmie jacket with the wool that Kaite donated this week and plan to get started on the lemon wool as there will be a need for warm clothes before we know it. It gives me a break from the sewing machine too.
I hope you are all safe and dry at home and please spare a little time to make a few blocks or even just tell your friends about how they can help. If you would like to spread the word please add the blog button that Kaite made for Oz Comfort Quilts to help get others involved.
Thanks for your interest.
Hugs Jan Mac


  1. hi Jan, that's a lovely set of blocks and wool from Terry and i'm pleased mine arrived safely too. You'll have them all made up in next to no time, so we'll all have to get busier sewing and send you more.

    A lovely lady from New Zealand commented on my blog tonight that she is "about to commence QAYG for Qld and will circulate my quilter friends here in NZ", so that's another one.

    Then tonight my local friend Marcia donated a few metres of tracksuit material and also said she would make up a few blocks next week.
    Slowly the word is spreading, and every block counts. hgz, kaite

  2. Thank you so much to everybody being so generous and supporting our fellow Aussies in Qld. A big warm THANK YOU....Jan I have blogged about this blog today hoping to help spread the word....hugs Khris

  3. Hi Khris, Thanks for helping to get the message out that by making some QAYG blocks, people can help me make quilts to bring some comfort to the people who lost their homes in the floods.
    Hugs Jan Mac