Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What Else but QAYG

I'm sure that many of you are as stunned as I have been at the devastation caused by the floods. Who would ever expect an inland tsunami with a wall of water at 8 metres high and no warning. Now there are 10 confirmed dead and they are still searching for about 60 people.
I know that at the moment people need man-power when they can start their clean-up as well as money to help replace their household items. It's just incredible that some houses have been completely submerged under the water and there will be nothing salvagable when the water finally goes away. Then there is the raw sewerage which has also contaminated many houses and will require everything in contact with it to be thrown out.
I find that it's better for me to stay informed but not focused on the television reports as there is not a lot I can physically do to help from where I live in Victoria. However I can make quilts- and I can make a lot of quilts if you are able to donate a few QAYG blocks or even binding to help me get them finished. I worked all day at the sewing machine and wasn't going to post a blog and then thought I'd better tell you what progress has been made.
Firstly, my wonderful friend Kaite has made a blog button to help promote the need for donations of QAYG blocks. She even talked me through how to install it and is willing to help if anyone has problems uploading it. Please consider posting the button on your blog and help to spread the word about the need for QAYG blocks. There doesn't seem to have been as much media attention internationally this time, compared with the bush fires 2 years ago and I really need help from the blogging community to make this happen.
Of course I am also making blocks and today I made 2 quilts- one with a set of 5x7 blocks and the other set 6x8 blocks. I ran out of blocks for the second quilt so had to quickly make some more. It's so hot and humid here while I was wrestling with the larger quilt that I'll be happy to spend tomorrow making more blocks.
Here are 3 of the quilts I've made this week and the other quilt didn't get photographed so I'll post that later.
It's only possible to make all of these quilts so quickly because of your very generous donations of blocks. It's 11.30pm and time for bed now. Don't feel pressured to make blocks quickly as it will be some time before the people are in a position where they have somewhere clean and dry to keep their bedding and I believe that the donation of the quilts then will help in the recovery process as it did following the bush fires.
More to come, Hugs and thanks, Jan Mac


  1. I'd like to send you some blocks, could you please write how big and how you would like to have them? You can find my email address on my blog. My thoughts and prayers are with your country.

  2. Jan you are so hard working, and you've done an excellent job here with these quilts.
    Well written, i'm sure your words will inspire many others to make these 10.5 inch blocks. We're back onto it again today, cheers, kaite

  3. I would like to make and send you some blocks. What size/ style etc email me on

  4. They're beautiful! Just to confirm - is 6x8 the setting for a larger quilt or are they larger than that?