Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quilty Comings and Goings

I picked up a box from the post office yesterday and found a finished quilt shown in the third photo, 66 QAYG blocks made to 12.5" each, 3 quilt tops, 3 sets of bindings, and some fabric for backings. Margaret H. from Springwood in NSW has been working on the QAYG blocks all year and I put 2 quilts together with them today. I set them 4x6 as the larger blocks meant that I didn't need so many for each quilt. I also had 2 blocks already in those sizes and will easily be able to make a few more to have enough to make another quilt from the remaining blocks.
Then I posted off two large boxes of finished quilts this afternoon. Six quilts have gone to Theodore in Inland Qld as they have been involved in their clean up since last week, being one of the first towns to be inundated with the flood waters.
I also posted off 9 large quilts to a lady in Melbourne as she has contacts with a crew who are sending a team of workers up to Qld to help with the clean up and they are carting a truckload of goods up with them and will hand out the goods when they have cleaned the homes.
So 15 quilts are on their way so far. It's a drop in the ocean so far but as many areas aren't ready to accept quilts, not having anywhere clean to keep them yet, it's at least a start for some of the people affected and will hopefully bring a little comfort and hope to their communities.
Now it's back to the machine again and time to make some more bindings.
Also I'll add a link to my other blog which shows how to join the QAYG blocks together for those readers who may want to try it. There are many ways of joining QAYG blocks and I use this method because it's quick, sturdy and all done on the sewing machine.
I hope to have more finished quilts to show here tomorrow.
Cheers, Jan Mac

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  1. hi Jan, it's good to know that some of the quilts are on their way to new homes. Who is your contact in Theodore? and do you have any contacts for Emerald? they were hit very badly and quite early on. cheers, k.