Friday, January 21, 2011

Today's Finishes

Today I quilted 4 tops but only managed to finish the binding on one of them so the rest will have to be photographed when they're finished tomorrow.
I also finished off the second QAYG quilt that Kaite and Coralie from Bathurst (NSW) made and donated. They also included a matching bag and this is such a pretty quilt with pinks and greens and a lovely print with rabbits to add interest. Lovely work ladies and the lady who receives it will love it.
The second quilt was a donated top and it is much more vibrant than it shows here. It's in lovely shades of teal blue with some caramel colours and reminds me of the sea. I'm sure it will be loved and well cuddled when it arrives in Qld next week.
I received 7 more parcels today and will show them on my other blog at Sew Many Quilts.
Did you see that the designated ribbon for flood relief is a mid blue colour so Kaite chose well for the lettering of the blog button.
I plan to quilt some more donated tops again tomorrow before my paid job and then will start putting more QAYG blocks together again so check back soon for progress. In fact there should be more to see here tomorrow. LOL!
Hugs Jan Mac


  1. hi Jan, our quilt blocks made up really well with that palm tree binding, great to see it. A bit of a razzle dazzle for someone. i was going to ask you if i had sent enough binding strip material but it looks as tho you had enough. I have more if you need it.
    no i haven't seen the designated ribbon colour yet, but i guessed it might be in the blues for some reason. lucky guess!
    cheers, kaite

  2. Hi Jan
    I am making some QAYG blocks using up some surplus fabrics for the backing. A question - if you are using polar fleece, do you not use a backing fabric and just have the 2 layers?
    We can get really cheap polar fleece blankets here from Ikea and thought this may be a good solution. thanks for all you do,
    Alison, Singapore

  3. Hi Alison,
    Thanks for stopping by. I use a backing fabric as well if using polar fleece for the batting. It means that it still has warmth and is nice and cuddly but by enclosing the fleece it still washes up well and I can use a mixture of blocks, some with fleece for the batting or even with actual batting. Whatever people send though I will manage to use but I may adapt them a bit so they play nicely with the others.
    Hope this helps, Jan Mac