Saturday, January 29, 2011

Quilts to Emerald, Qld

We had a 21st birthday party yesterday for one of my lovely nieces so we drove to Melbourne on Friday and I delivered 34 quilts to the people who are sending another truck to Emerald this week. It was a very good way to be able to send so many quilts without having to pay so much postage. The previous 9 quilts I sent on last week's truck have also gone to Emerald as the team of workers decided to take them inland to the towns which were badly affected as assistance seems to be more concentrated along the coast and around Brisbane.
The young men who are doing the clean up were apparently very worried about how they gave out the quilts as they were trying to give one per household. Then they met an elderly lady who is in her 80's and her daughter, probably in her 60s and when they heard that the two ladies are living in their car and they have no bedding or really anything else, they gave them each a quilt. Actually I think the ladies were allowed to select a quilt they liked. I've passed on word to the wonderful young men who are doing such a wonderful job that of course they did the right thing. I know their hearts will guide them where the quilts should go and where they can be of the most help.
I believe that this week's quilts numbering 34 will also be given out in Emerald and although it's only a small amount so far at least 49 people in those areas will have a quilt for comfort. Unfortunately I have paid work to keep me busy in the next couple of days but I'll be sewing as much as I can in between time.
Thank you all for your wonderful donations and please know that you are making a difference. The two quilts shown here were from donated blocks and Jill from New Zealand also added a label to the back of one of her QAYG blocks and I thought that was a great idea if anyone else wants to do the same when they're sending some.
Hugs Jan Mac


  1. Hi Jan, Glad to hear the quilts are going to the bush. The story of the two ladies living in their car is touching, I'm pleased they recieved a quilt each. Hope to get more blocks done when we recover from school holidays!!

  2. HI there I have a package of two quilt tops and some orphan blocks which I'll be sending to you (from NZ) on Tuesday.

  3. how fantastic to send so many quilts up there to Emerald. From what i've been told the Neighbour Centre in Ruby street, Emerald which is staffed by a Lorna Hicks is the place to send the quilts to. She is doing a fantastic job in ensuring that every donation goes out immediately to those who need it. cheerio, kaite

  4. Hello ther. I have just been through the entire blog and looked at every quilt you posted and read bits here and ther and I am truly touched at the work that one person can get done. I have had your button up on my blog for a few weeks now but never realised the areas and quantity of people thatyou touch with your generosity. Even if I don't get goodies to you in the next month or so I can see that they will still be used. Cab you tell me how large a fineished QAYG quilt would be as I would like to try to make enough for one quilt. Is it OK if I do a log cabin insted of straight lines and do you quilt with a longarm or home machine. You are beautiful and I thank you for the opportunity to help. Cherrie