Thursday, March 31, 2011

Finishing Quilts for March

It's time to get back to the Quilt Factory and get more quilts finished and donated, especially now that winter is approaching fast and I know that Christchurch will soon be experiencing their cold weather.
I had a lovely time at our yearly retreat for Southern Cross Quilters and was very lucky to receive more beautiful quilts to donate as well as a very generous donation of money to help with the costs of postage and batting' This means that I will be able to send more quilts to Japan and New Zealand as well as here for our flood areas.
The first quilt was made and donated by one of the SCQ members, and I think it was Lola from Vic but there was a lot going on that week so I may be confused LOL. If it was someone other than Lola please let me know so that I can change the information. The quilt is so pretty that I'm sure Lola won't mind taking the credit anyway LOL.
Prue Ling (WA) and Edith Burgess (Tas) both made quilts in the theme of Carnivale for the retreat challenge and they very kindly donated them to Oz Comfort Quilts for distribution.
The quilts are beautifully made and so colourful that they are sure to brighten the lives of their new owners.
The last quilt was made by the group, ANZA Quilters in Singapore and they also very kindly sent QAYG blocks as well. The quilt is so beautiful and fresh with its crisp and co-ordinated range of colours that it will be treasured by the new owner and how cool is it that quilters from around the world very generously donate their gift of time and fabric to comfort others. One of the ANZA memebrs has also contacted me about delivering more quilts when she visits NZ this week and I know that Cat will be thrilled to receive more lovely quilts from around the world.
And last but by no means least, Jenni S. (Vic) has been very busy knitting beanies for the Homeless Connect Day to be held in Brisbane (Qld) in May and so far as made 15 of them. They will be so welcomed by the group who can give them to the people who were among the worse- affected by the floods in Brisbane and this will be such a huge help to making their winter a little more bearable. I am also working on a crocheted blanket and another quilt to send to this group too so I'd better get busy now that we're into April.
I'm very humbled and grateful for all your donations which have allowed us to help so many people around the world and I'd better get busy finishing more quilts today.
Hugs Jan Mac


  1. WOW that is fantastic news to hear someone is going to help bring them into NZ - do I need to meet/pick up from somewhere?
    And the donations - WOW - you said you'd pray for an answer
    These quilts are amazing THANK YOU to everyone xxx

  2. Hmmm....I didn't know you were collecting knit hats, too. I have a project going where I knit hats while I'm watching TV and usually get a couple hats knit each week. It's early spring here in Washington State, USA and I was going to stockpile them for a homeless shelter for next winter, but I think I'll redirect some of them to you!
    Pat in Washington State

  3. Jan, early next week there will be a few more packages heading your way for Christchurch. My quiltbee group has been very generous, today I was handed another bunch of QAYG blocks! at our group meet. They are just lovely, some with a chilren's theme too. I have to put the binding on one quilt I'm pleased to see nearly completed. Thankyou for all that you do and in getting them to NZ.

  4. The red one is so happy. How could you be sad to receive such lovely work. So much variety in the donations is always terrific to see. Cherrie