Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Seventy More Quilts for Qld.

These six beautiful quilts were all made and donated by Margo Barber from Tasmania. They arrived in time to join the shipment to Emerald in Qld and the truck is on its way now. These quilts made the total to 70 quilts for Emerald on this trip and I managed to finish off another couple today and have started on a delivery of quilts to Christchurch in New Zealand.
Cat from Catalina's Cottage is helping me to get them delivered to the people in need and I have finished quilts with warmer batting ready to send.
Check out my other blog for the latest arrivals of QAYG blocks from around the world. Quilters can make a difference one quilt at a time.
Many thanks for making this quilt appeal happen.
Hugs Jan Mac


  1. Thanks for the updates Jan. I am in the middle of making blocks for Christchurch. It looks as though we quilters have our work cut out for us for quite a time yet! It can be overwhelming, but as you say 'one quilt at a time'.....

  2. Hi Jan, I've just written about your wonderful efforts on my blog. I don't have many followers officially but I know of a number of people who read my blog but aren't followers. So you never know, we may get some offers of more help for you. I'll just add the link!